Research projects

1. Thales Project (MIS 379335 )

Adaptation of the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (S.I.L.L.) with the purpose of setting the learning strategy profile of primary and secondary school learners of a foreign language and that of Muslim learners of Greek as a second language, as well as investigating the teaching strategies employed by teachers in the classroom.

Scientific Responsible: Zoe Gavriilidou

Total Budget 520.000 euros


2. Research Project DIAL-G

Scientific Responsible: Papagiannis Grigorios – Siklafidis


3. Heraclitus Project – Poetics and Politics of Geography: mapping Hellenistic poets.

Scientific Responsible: Vougioukli Anthi

Duration: 1/9/2010-31/10/2014

Total Budget: 45.000 euros


4. Varieties of Greek as Heritage Language: compilation of a corpus and contrastive study(MIS 5006199)

Scientific Responsible: Professor Zoe Gavriilidou

Budget: 72100 euros